Month: May 2009

Nils Röller: Recent publications in English


Nils Röller is Professor for Media Theory at the Academy of Art in Zürich. He teaches and writes on the impact of modern technology on artistic production. Recent publications in English include: „Scientia Media – Simulation between different culturs of knowledge“. In: Gleiniger, Andrea und Vrachliotis, Georg (eds.): Simulation Basel: Birkhäuser, 2008 „Thinking with Instruments: The Example of Kant’s Compass”. In: Zielinski, Siegfried und Fürlus, Eckhard (eds.): Variantology 3. Köln: Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König, […]

Variantology 3


VARIANTOLOGY 3. On Deep Time Relations of Arts, Sciences and Technologies in China and Elsewhere. Kunstwissenscjaftliche Bibliothek 37. Ed. by Siegfried Zielinski & Eckhard Fürlus & Nadine Minkwitz. Text ed. by Gloria Custance. Cologne 2008. 479 S. mit 78 Abb., Bibliographie, Indices, brosch. Bestell-Nr: 1413275 EUR 48,00